Hello Love

Let me start with I understand what you are feeling, a bit nervous and maybe even butterflies. I GET YOU. I promise our first date will be one to remember.
Allow me to walk you through the steps leading up to your first visit. The experience begins once you submit an appointment request below. The "Book Now" button will direct you to the salon's booking site, where you'll be able to choose what day and time works best with your schedule. After submitting your requests I will approve the request once I double check the date, time and service makes the most sense for your hair needs.
On the day of your appointment, you will arrive in South Hill plaza parking lot of which you will see Beautilofts. Once you've entered Beautilofts continue straight ahead to suite 102 OLIVIA ROSE HAIR.
After we've completed the exchange of "hellos" like it's a blind date, we will take a seat for an in-depth consultation. We'll discuss the current condition of your hair, the history of your hair, your hair goals, the maintenance associated with hair goals as well as a game plan.
I offer wifi, bottled water, snacks, phone charger and a customize playlists through "alexa".
Your service experience will finish with a gorgeous blowout and style, followed by a photo shoot that will be shared with you and social media.

New Guest Services

For new clients I require extra time for consultation and to make your hair dreams come true.
Appointments after the first visit will be considered maintenance services and priced at my regular color and cut pricing.
To request your first appointment, review the services below when you find the service that is closest to your wants, click the "Book Now" button to submit your request.
If you are unsure of which service to book you can submit a virtual consultation form blow.
If you have any questions or issues requesting an appointment, email me here

Root touch-up + extra

This service is for those that are looking for color touch up on the roots with a little bit of brightness around the face or if you are looking for ONE color (no balayage or highlights) applied all over your hair. This includes a haircut, blowout & style.
While booking select "Root Touch-up + extra NEW GUEST" service option.
Approx. time: 2.5-3 hours ~ $215

Blonding Special

This is for the blondes. Heavy highlights, partial highlights, or platinum blonde, this service is to meet all the blonde needs and desires. This includes olaplex treatment, haircut, blowout + style.
While booking select "Blonding Special" service option.
Approx. time: 4.5 - 5 hours ~ $255

Balayage + Dimension

This is for those of you that like the lived in look that balayage offers or dimensional colors such as, bright blonde with the darker root [aka shadow root]. This service is most ideal for those that are looking to come in every 12 weeks. This includes olaplex treatment, haircut, blowout + style.
While booking select "Balayage + Dimension" service option.
Approx. time: 5 hours ~ $255

Transformation Color

This service is for those that are looking for a complete color makeover. For example, icy blonde wanting to darker or dark brown wanting to LOTS of brightness. This includes olaplex treatment, haircut, blowout + style.
While booking select "Transformation Color" service option.
Approx. time: 5 - 8 hours ~ hourly based/$100 hour

Haircut, Blowout + Style

Not all services must include color treatments. This is new clients looking to makeover the style of their current haircut. Includes blowout + style.
While booking select "Haircut, Blowout + Style" service option.
Approx. time: 1 hour ~ $60
Not certain which service is best for you?
Try the virtual consultation below